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USCA Gateway Participant Shares His Story

winnerAuto enthusiast Lance Hamilton has been waiting all year to experience a USCA event from behind the wheel of his 1985 Chevy Monte Carlo. After attending our Daytona International Speedway event as a spectator, Lance had a good idea what his would be getting himself into when he showed up to Gateway Motorsports Park on July 19th and 20th, 2014.

spiritDuring the two days of the event, Lance learned more about his car and his own abilities behind the wheel than he could have possibly imagined. From left foot break attempts to track approach and turn entry strategy, Jet Hot Performance Coatings’ complimentary driving instructors had him driving like a pro in only one 18 minute session during the BF Goodrich Hot Lap Challenge. Lance saw his lap times steadily improve throughout the weekend and had an absolute blast while doing it.

“Gateway provided everything we needed for the event,” said Lance in a thread on Lateral-G.net. “The courses were professionally designed and staffed, Jet Hot Coatings provided the best of the best instructors for us to use if we wanted, and all of the events proceeded on a professional pace with a friendly flare. It really couldn’t have been any better.”

Read more about Lance’s experience with the USCA here.

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