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Quick Guide: Safety Equipment Requirements

The USCA has a few useful reminders for any driver interested in participating in one of our upcoming events. We are all about fun when it comes to getting you out to the track, but safety is by far our most important priority. Below you will find a list of things to expect and things you will need before getting cleared to hit the track during the remainder of the USCA 2014 season.


Upon arriving at the track you will undergo a safety inspection before being given the green light to participate. Here is what our inspectors are looking for:

  1. Your vehicle must have commonly available DOT approved, non-competition, treaded street tires with a tread wear rating of 200 or higher.
  2. Tires must have been manufactured within 3 years of the date of the USCA event. (Click here to find out how to check the manufacture date of your tires – http://www.bfgoodrichtires.com/tires-101/tire-basics/about-tires/reading-your-sidewall.page)
  3. All convertibles or any open top vehicle must have proper rollover protection – no exceptions. The top of the roll hoop must be higher than the driver’s helmet while seated properly in the car.
  4. Safety features that do not offer a competitive advantage such as racing specific harnesses, roll cages/bars, fire systems, etc., are acceptable and highly encouraged.


The personal safety equipment you need is dependent upon which run group you are participating in. The more advanced the group, the more passing is allowed, which requires more safety equipment.

Novice (No Passing Allowed):

  1. Snell SA2005 rated or newer helmet.
  2. Non-synthetic long sleeve clothes (No shorts No short sleeves).
  3. SFI-rated neck collar or HANS device.
  4. Fire-retardant gloves and shoes.
  5. Factory 3-point or better safety belts.
  6. Advanced (Passing Allowed in Designated Areas):

    1. All of the equipment required in the novice group plus:
      • SFI single layer fire suit or better.
      • Nomex fire retardant gloves.

    Expert (Passing Allowed Anywhere):

    1. All of the equipment required in the advanced group plus:
    2. Properly mounted 4 or 5 point FIA or SFI-rated safety harnesses. FIA-rated harnesses must not be past their expiration date. SFI-rated harnesses must be within 2 years of the manufacture date.

    Be sure to download The Rules for further information.

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