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Welcome to the Optima Search For the Ultimate Street Car Series Podcast! This show is produced twice–per-month show and will be a great way to keep people informed on everything going on, from rules discussions, to event coverage, and to feature interviews with competitors and people of interest!

The show is hosted by myself (Rob Kibbe) and Race Director Jimi Day. Our goal is to bring you all of the latest and greatest information possible…plus have plenty of fun along with way. Feel free to e-mail us with feedback and questions, and we’ll work as many of them can into the show!

-Rob Kibbe ( & Jimi Day (


Rob Kibbe


Jimi Day


Ron Sutton’s 2015 Workshop!


We were fortunate enough to have Ron Sutton back on the show for an update on how his 2015 Workshop and Book Tour has gone and, as you might expect, it’s been incredibly well received! Every single one thus far has been a sell-out. Plans are already in place for another tour next year….but on a completely different topc (as Ron explained in the show). That means that if you’d like to attend this final workshop you’ll need to register now. Visit to learn more and register for your spot.

Remaining 2015 Workshop:

Thursday, Nov 5 – Near SEMA & the OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational, Las Vegas, NV

“I never sell in a workshop. Never. I educate. Even if I love a product, I don’t sell anyone. That’s just not my style. No one sells or “pitches” any products in my workshops. If you attend my workshop, you will walk away with valuable, powerful information you understand to help make your car handle better & more fun to drive. I guarantee it.” – Ron Sutton
Phone/Text: (916) 834-8051


OSUSC Final Standings and the OUSCI Points Invitees!

Congrats to 2015 Champ - Kyle Tucker!

Congrats to 2015 Champ – Kyle Tucker!

OSUSC Fontana, CA: Event Winners
GT: Cody Mason – 2015 Camaro
GTV: Larry Woo – ’68 Camaro
GTS: Hugh Bate – 2013 Nissan GTR
GTL: Rich Willhoff – 2006 Corvette
Spirit of the Event: Andrew Nier – 2012 Mustang GT

OSUSC 2015 Class National Champions
GTV: Kyle Tucker – ’70 Camaro
GTS: Hugh Bate – Nissan GTR
GTL: Doug Wind – 2004 Dodge Neon SRT4
GT: Brian Johnson – 2013 Camaro

National Champ – OSUSC 2015
Kyle Tucker – ’70 Camaro

15 Points Winners Who Are IN for OUSCI!
Larry Woo – 68 Camaro
Doug Wind – 2004 SRT4
Jeremy Stensland – 2015 Subaru WRX
Danny Pinard – 2013 Camaro
Chris Porter – 1986 Porsche 948
Martin Pond – 1980 Merc Zephyr
Chris Neal – 2014 Corvette
Cliff Elliot – 2011 Mustang
Tony Grzelakowski (Tony G) – 70 Chevelle
Bob Denny – 2008 VW R32
Chandler Premo – 2009 BMW M3
Keith Corrigan – 68 Camaro (Velocity Camaro)
John Lazorack – 88 Conquest TCI
Randy Johnson – 2002 Corvette
Danny Tinch – 1995 Nissan 240SX (Unconfirmed)

Remaining Open Invites
10 Golden Tickets (Awarded During SEMA)
13 At Large Invitations
–You can campaign for this spot!
–Usually goes to those who have shown outstanding effort in the OSUSC series.

Congratulations to all – and we’ll see you at OUSCI!

Rob & Jimi