The OSUSC Podcast – Episode #64

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Welcome to the Optima Search For the Ultimate Street Car Series Podcast! This show is produced twice-per-month show and will be a great way to keep people informed on everything going on, from rules discussions, to event coverage, and to feature interviews with competitors and people of interest!

The show is hosted by myself (Rob Kibbe) and Race Director Jimi Day. Our goal is to bring you all of the latest and greatest information possible…plus have plenty of fun along with way. Feel free to e-mail us with feedback and questions, and we’ll work as many of them can into the show!

-Rob Kibbe ( & Jimi Day (


Rob Kibbe


Jimi Day


Welcome Ron Sutton!

2014 RSRT header


A HUGE THANKS to Ron Sutton Race Technology for coming on board as our very first sponsor! We’re proud to announce that Ron is back for 2018 as well.

Stay tuned to future shows for details and Visit to get more information on Ron’s incredible service lineup!
Phone/Text: (844) RACETEC

Ron’s 2018 Workshop Tour (Conveniently Located and Timed Near 5 Big Events):

April 22nd, Saturday, at Ridetech HQ in Jasper, IN / Before Cars & Cones Autocross Tour
July 5th, Thursday, in Columbus, OH / Before the Good Guys Event
Sept 27th, Thursday, in Ft Worth, TX / Before the Good Guys Event
Oct 18th, Thursday, in Charlotte, NC / Before the Good Guys Event
Oct 31st, Wednesday, in Las Vegas / During SEMA & Before the Optima Invitational


Welcome Forgeline!

forgeline-keating-large_image-630We are incredibly proud to announce that Forgeline Motorsports has also returned to the OSUSC Podcast show for 2018! Forgeline has been a staple among OSUSC competitors, and their incredible wheels are as well engineered (and race tested) as they are beautiful.

Stay tuned to future shows to hear more from Forgline, and be sure to visit their website and give them a call for all of your competition wheel needs!
Phone: (800) 886-0093


Ron Sutton

Ron Sutton

Feature Interview: Ron Sutton


Well, the very first event of the year is just around the corner! In this episode we touched base on everything that happens from a scheduling perspective at the first event (don’t forget that everyone will do the “fire drill” procedure test), and then had our long time friend and show sponsor Ron Sutton on for a feature interview. Ron revealed his 2018 Workshop tour topic line and schedule in this show, and (as with all years) it’s sure to sell out at every single event.

Ron’s involvement in USCA really began back with his interest in “dabbling” with the Pro Touring muscle car market. Frankly, he’d spent his entire career with real race cars and understood that world well….but our fun street cars and amazingly fun people drew him over our way. His ginormous parts catalog launch last fall has been the “Bible of Speed” for many in the series as well. Simply put, if you want to go fast with neutral handling, powerful, well balanced, and long lasting cars, Ron can help you at literally any budget level you wish. Every single piece in the catalog was hand selected and configured to Ron’s exact specifications.

Thanks for the interview Ron – and good luck to all this season!

-Rob & Jimi